The One Million Squidoo Lens Challenge

This is the daily log of the one million lens challenge. I will live off Squidoo income by making content-rich lenses, or make one million lenses! Which ever comes first. Basically, I’m not giving up. Follow me as I conquer Squidoo!

Day 1: 30 lenses! February 19, 2007

Filed under: amazing,lenses,lensmaster,squidoo — Skills @ 10:44 pm

Day 1. Today I made 30 lenses. 30!

As I said yesterday, I put in quite a bit of work before launching this challenge to make this massive start possible. Cool or what? 🙂
I also made a group for them all too. Hopefully I’ll soon have the number 1 group. At the moment the top few groups have between 650 – 900 lenses. I’m hoping to overtake these pretty soon!

Here are the lenses I made today:


If you want to check some of them out and rate them that would be amazing, thanks!



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