The One Million Squidoo Lens Challenge

This is the daily log of the one million lens challenge. I will live off Squidoo income by making content-rich lenses, or make one million lenses! Which ever comes first. Basically, I’m not giving up. Follow me as I conquer Squidoo!

Day 32: Getting ready for the money to ROLL IN! March 22, 2007

So I didn’t make any new lenses or groups today.

Lazy? No way. Here’s why:

I went through every single one of my lenses so far (a LOT! 113 at this moment!) and replaced the ‘’ iframe.

Before, the search box was empty. Leaving it up to my lens visitors to think about what to type into it, then press search. Well I went through replacing each iframe because I worked out how to get it to automatically insert a chosen word or phraseinto the search box. So all my visitors have to do now is press the search button!

So how do I know what my visitors might be interested in? I went by the content of the lens! If they’re there reading my lens, chances are they are pretty interested in the subject!

Check out the Hidden Search boxes on these 3 unrelated lenses:

Now if you look at each of those lenses you will see how the Hidden Search box already has something RELEVANT written in it.

And if they click search, it opens in a new window. So my lens is still there for them to read.

I am such a genius.

Check it out. Click the links of the lenses above and see my genius in action.

Earnings per lens should SHOOT UP!



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