The One Million Squidoo Lens Challenge

This is the daily log of the one million lens challenge. I will live off Squidoo income by making content-rich lenses, or make one million lenses! Which ever comes first. Basically, I’m not giving up. Follow me as I conquer Squidoo!

Day 43: 5 lenses! April 2, 2007

Another amazing day!

5 lenses in total. How amazing!

Adsense income is up (from to about $2.50 a day, so all I need to do now is DOUBLE IT and then I’ll be earning $150 a month already!

Here are the links for today:



4 Responses to “Day 43: 5 lenses!”

  1. David Says:

    Google has updated there terms and conditions.
    You may have a problem with your HiddenSearch
    See item #2 – Adsence For Content
    You shall not display any Ad Unit on a page that contains Ads associated with another Google AdSense customer.
    I hope this does not mean what I think it does.
    I wanted to put the HiddenSearch on my Squidoo Lenses also.
    Let me know what you think.

  2. Skills Says:

    Thanks for the comment, Dave.

    This is not a problem, and the hiddensearch does not violate the terms and conditions because is my own site, and the box that is displayed on my lens is merely a link to my site.

    If in that module I was displaying my own google ads instead of the search box that is currently displayed, then I think that might cause a problem as there would be google ads displaying on the lens that are both mine and Squidoo’s.

    But how it is currently is fine because it’s just like putting a hyperlink into the lens. Except it’s the search button that is the link!

    It really is quite a good idea I’ve had, isn’t it?


  3. David Says:

    Great Idea. Can I have a copy of the search2.php?
    Please, Please, Please 😉


  4. Skills Says:

    The script that does it all is more than that one file.

    When I bought the script I bought it for my use only… :s

    I can tell you where it’s from though!

    Actually, I will have a look and see if the license prohibits me from making a site using the script and selling the site. That might be ok. I’ll check.

    I’ll dig out the link where I got it from.

    What do you think of my new logo on the adsense group? It’s at

    Do you think google will sue me for having that font?!


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