The One Million Squidoo Lens Challenge

This is the daily log of the one million lens challenge. I will live off Squidoo income by making content-rich lenses, or make one million lenses! Which ever comes first. Basically, I’m not giving up. Follow me as I conquer Squidoo!

Day 52: Finished Tagging! April 11, 2007

All 36 eBay lenses now have 40 tags each! That’s a whopping 1440 tags in total!

So that’s all existing lenses tagged.

Now… I just need more groups and more lenses!

News on Money: AdSense income from is rising each day because of lens traffic, and the best thing to really increase it will be more lenses! It’s between $2 and $5 per day at the moment, and I want to get it up to between $6 and $10 per day as quickly as I can. If I can get it up to this then it works out as between $180 and $300 per month!

So! More lenses needed 🙂



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