The One Million Squidoo Lens Challenge

This is the daily log of the one million lens challenge. I will live off Squidoo income by making content-rich lenses, or make one million lenses! Which ever comes first. Basically, I’m not giving up. Follow me as I conquer Squidoo!

Day 62: AdSense earnings per lens April 20, 2007

I have been wondering how much each lens will earn me per month from just AdSense and SquidOffer money, and in the comments a few days ago I was asked this question –

“Just curious. Have you gotten the Adsense earnings results yet from so many lenses? I’m trying to figure out an average monthly lens earning.”

And if you are wondering this too, I came up with a useful solution –

“I haven’t yet had earnings results for any full month yet. Because there is no full month where I won’t add new lenses to my total (so keeping score would produce unreliable results) the best way to find out would be to set 2 or 3 lenses to donate 20% to different charities. If you do this on the next Squidoo payday you will be able to see how much that lens earned by the following payday. Because you will be told how much you donated to the different charities. And you will know that the amount you donated is 1 fifth of the total money that lens earned.”

Let me know if you do this and what you results are!


2 Responses to “Day 62: AdSense earnings per lens”

  1. Grace Says:

    check out this thread at SquidU for a rough idea of Adsense earnings

  2. SAM Says:

    I am doing something similar but just taking them one lens at a time.

    MY ids are
    And for other topics

    Great concept, it would be cool to chat.

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